Cairns Personal Training

As qualified and extensively experienced Cairns personal trainers, our team from Studio A Health and Fitness have the knowledge and skills to help you attain your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

In fact, your first personal training session at our gold star airconditioned facility is all about finding out about you, your current position and your health and fitness goals. Your initial fitness assessment, weigh in and measurement, ensure that you are able to set realistic, achievable goals and monitor your progress along the way with regular weight and measurement checks.

With a large range of qualifications and experience in the industry, our team from Studio A is able to ensure your personal training and health programs are tailored specifically for your individual needs, goals, circumstances and interests.

Studio A offers 30 & 45 minute personal training sessions, Monday to Friday, 5am to 7:30pm and Saturday, 5am to 3pm. By offering sessions of varying lengths and with so many times to choose from, the Studio A team ensures that we are able to cater for the personal training needs of all of our clients.

For those looking for a fresh, immaculate and welcoming training environment, Studio A has brand new gym equipment at our gold star training facility, which is located at 92 Pease Street, Manoora. For people who enjoy outdoor training sessions, our team are able to create personal training programs which make the most of Cairns’ amazing weather and natural training grounds, such as the Cairns Esplanade. We also recognise that some people are more motivated in their training sessions if they are able to work with a buddy. Accordingly, buddies are welcome to attend one-on-one personal training sessions – for free!

Personal training should be exactly that – personal! Designed to meet the needs of the client whilst providing the type of support and challenge that each individual needs to ensure their success. Whether you need someone to drive you hard, or someone with a more supportive approach, our team at Studio A will tailor their approach to suit.

    To contact our team and find out more about the Studio A difference, call 0488 601 520 or email