Health & Nutrition

Education  –  Inspiration  –  Support

Studio A is a health and fitness service with a difference.  Due to Angela’s extensive qualifications and experience, she is able to create complementary exercise and meal plans which are designed specifically for each client and their circumstances.  By knowing what exercise you are engaging in and what meals you are eating, Angela has a far greater understanding of your emerging needs and progress towards your goals than Personal Trainers and Nutritionists working in isolation of each other ever could.

With a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics almost under her sleeve, Angela from Studio A understands how vital nutrition is towards the achievement of health and fitness goals.

No matter what your goal is:  weight loss, weight gain, body sculpting or improved overall health, Angela is able to tailor meal plans to suit.  In addition, she can create meal plans to ensure that the health needs of your whole family are met whilst you are working towards your individual goals.

To help you reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle into the future, Angela will educate you about ‘eating in the real world’.  With so many food products on the market and mixed messages about what is good and not good for us, it is little wonder that many people are confused about what constitutes a healthy ‘real world’ diet.  Not only will Angela from Studio A design meal plans to help you achieve your current goals, she will educate you about how food choices and exercise go hand in hand to maintaining your health into the future.

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