So I was asked to write a testimonial and having not written one before I really do not know where to start so forgive me if I go off tangent a little.
I have never ever been a jogger, or an endurance runner but have always admired those who can just run and run and run and make it look so easy. I grew up as a sprinter and horse rider then started netball in my early twenties, no interest what-so-ever in endurance running.

In my early 30s I decided to give ‘jogging’ a go. I think I may have built up to about 3km without stopping which is truly quite funny now that I think about it. Then I fell pregnant with my second child and that was that. When the time was right, I went back to netball and that is how it has been up until 2017. I’ve done a spattering of fitness programs over the past 10 years blah blah blah, but none of them were built around endurance running.

2017 for me has been one of the most challenging years of my life. I have experienced both the highs and lows of life this year and that meme that appears every now and then on social media that states ‘I’m not making this up, this is my life!’, fits me to a ’T’. I guess I knew on a sub- conscious level that I needed to make some changes to my life but I had no idea where to start or look, and that’s when the ‘Studio A Facebook post’ appeared on my feed. It was about learning to run and become and endurance runner. Was this a sign?

So I thought to myself ‘Ok, why not give this a go.’.With great trepidation and nervousness I contacted Ange at Studio A and signed up. When asked what my first goal was, as in distance, I explained that I would really like to complete the 10km at the Port Douglas Run Festival later this year. Ange had a huge smile on her face and wrote it down on her clipboard and went on with the interview. I questioned her about her faith in me being able to run that distance having not done ANY endurance running and she had no problem telling me I could do it. Ok then, here we go I thought. I also told Ange that I was not good at exercising in the mornings and she told me that I would grow to ‘love’ running in the mornings…yeah right!

Now I am nearly at the end of a 9 week ‘Run Club’ program with Studio A, and I have seen some huge improvements, keeping in mind that I am now in my late 40s. One is that I now look forward to getting up before 5:00am to get ready for running! For those who know me, that is huge! Well done Ange, you picked it. Secondly, this week I have been able to run 5km continuous without stopping and I am absolutely chuffed. I have even improved my pace and time this week because I made myself run the distance again 3 days later just to make sure the first time I did it was not a fluke, yay!!!

Another absolutely amazing thing is that I have said ‘yes’ to completing a ‘half’ marathon in Tasmania in January 2018. Never would I ever have believed that that would be possible for me. A marathon was always on my bucket list but it was so far down the bottom of my list that it could only have been considered a pipe dream, but now…who knows what the future of endurance running will hold for me. Of course I still need to complete my first 10km goal, but I know now that I can do it which means I also know that I can keep improving. Thanks Ange and Studio A.