“After previously holding a number of gym memberships, I needed to find a way to get some exercise but also maintain my level of interest. I always seemed to last 6-12 months at the gym and not attend the last 3 months while still paying membership. I had also been given a road bike for my birthday a year earlier and it would get a weekly ride, but the reality was I didn’t really know how to use it and it was under used. I saw studio A advertising an introduction to road riding course in mid 2016 and this was something that appealed to me. It was something that allowed me to exercise outside the gym environment but also pick up some new skills and meet a new bunch of people. Let’s face it, attending a coffee shop in full Lycra is best done in the company of others.

In July 2016, I struggled to complete the first 20 k time trial and in June 2017 I completed the ride component of the ironman 70.3 (90 kms). What happened in between was a myriad of challenges, highs, lows and the outcome is the true definition of nothing worthwhile doing is easy, but I can say this: riding into transition along the esplanade on ironman day is both exhilarating and highly addictive and beyond no one who has made the decision they can do it.

At Studio A you will find a coaching team that will instruct, support and prepare you to smash your goals. The studio has a training philosophy that makes you accountable to yourself, each other and your coaches and what I love about the coaching is that they are invested and genuinely interested in seeing your success. I would recommend Studio A not only to anyone who is looking for a challenge and wants great support conquering it, but especially the everyday punter currently on the couch wondering how to make a change.”