The Outdoor Group Sessions is where my journey with Studio A Health and Fitness began. I was over-weight and embarrassed by my lack of fitness, so it meant that I started my first session with considerable trepidation. However, I quickly found out this was all uncalled for. The sessions were enjoyable but challenging. I never finished a session not covered in sweat!

I later took the plunge and committed myself to the Southside 6 week Bootcamp Program and have not regretted this decision since. I have been an active participant in this program for quite a number of rounds and have enjoyed every moment. Southside Bootcamp is run by a number of exceptional trainers, including Ange Armstrong. These trainers are professional, patient and passionate about what they do. The continuity of these trainers at Bootcamp has allowed myself and many others to build successful trainer-client relationships. It is these relationships that have motivated me to run that lap faster, holding that plank longer and do just one more rep. Also they don’t provide the same monotonous workout over and over again. Instead it is kept fun and fresh by their dedication to ensuring that each session is different from the last.

I have experienced a number of successes thus far on my health and fitness journey. Physically through fat loss and muscle gain, I have managed to shred multiple centimetres off most parts of my body. I have also developed a far more positive mindset in regards to exercise. I’ve gone from dreading it, to loving it!

So thank you Ange Armstrong and your incredible team at Studio A Health and Fitness. I couldn’t have done it without you.